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Created a 'Survey Form Page' for a freeCodeCamp assignment.
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Completed the 'Survey Form' project for a freeCodeCamp assignment. View site here:


Dayren Tolliver


  • HTML
  • CSS

How it works:

  1. Open the survey form:
  2. Enter your first and last name
  3. Enter your phone number and email address
  4. Enter your age (between 18 - 100 years old)
  5. Tell us how you heard about our non-profit
  6. Select one or more projects that you are interested in
  7. Select one or more days that you are able to volunteer
  8. Select your preferred method of contact
  9. Optionally, tell us more about yourself
  10. Submit the form

Things I learned:

  • How to create a form
  • How to require specific fields
  • How to perform email validation
  • How to create an age range
  • How to create checkboxes, radio buttons and textareas
  • How to pre-check specific checkboxes
  • How to create a Submit button

Future Features

  • Incorporate JavaScript to require that the questions: 'What project(s) are you interested in?' and 'What days are you available to volunteer?' are checked before being able to submit
  • Add warning message before submit
  • Add 'Your response has been recorded' page/message
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