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DaySchedule public roadmap. All planned features, updates and improvements.

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Product Roadmap

This roadmap contains all the issues, improvements and new features we plan for DaySchedule. Of course, things change and we may shuffle priorities at any time. At DaySchedule we learn a lot from talking to users, so don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback.

Note: not all small updates and features will be tracked here, as we regularly make small updates based on private feedback or our own discoveries and we'd rather ship them than create and close issues here.

Suggest a Feature

Tell us what feature, integration or UI tweak would rock your world. Just go here and create an issue in this project and label it as feature request. To optimize our information exchange, an initial feature request would contain the following parts:

  • Problem description. What is not working, missing or bugging you?
  • Process description. What step(s) are needed to solve this issue?
  • Expected outcome. What should your world (or DaySchedule) look like after using this function.

💡 For general support requests and bug reports, please go to


DaySchedule public roadmap. All planned features, updates and improvements.






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