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@@ -14,3 +14,23 @@ All of these libraries was commonly distributed with "FFmpeg":
* avcodec >= 53.7.0
* avutil >= 51.9.1
* swscale >= 2.0.0
+h1(#howtoconfigure). Configuration
+To enable this module after installation edit httpd.conf file and in module section add
+LoadModule videothumb_module [module_path]/
+*[module_path] => Apache Directory modules in your architecture *
+h1(#howtouse). How to use
+After enable this module you can access using these urls
+This module can receive four parameters
+video => Path from video. ex: /home/dayvson/bigbunny.ogg
+second => Second of video (this module get the nearest keyframe to second)
+width => Optional parameter to resize width video frame
+height => Optional parameter to resize height video frame
+*If you don't use width or height parameters, the frame dimension will be equal to the video*
+h1(#sample). Sample usage :

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