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Library to load subtitle in Flash or Flex projects using the formats (.srt .sub .usf and json format)
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= AS3 Subtitle Library

==SubRip .SRT description

The SubRip file format is "perhaps the most basic of all subtitle formats." 
SubRip files are named with the extension .srt, and contain formatted plain text. 
The time format used is hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds. 
The decimal separator used is the comma, since the program was written in France. 
The line break used is often the CR+LF pair. Subtitles are numbered sequentially, starting at 1.

== SubRip estructure
Subtitle number
Start time --> End time
Text of subtitle (one or more lines)
Blank line[10][9]

== SubRip .srt file example
00:00:20,000 --> 00:00:24,400
Altocumulus clouds occur between six thousand
00:00:24,600 --> 00:00:27,800 
and twenty thousand feet above ground level.

== SubViewer

SubViewer uses text files with the .sub extension to describe timing and titling data. 
Alternate languages or intents (e.g. "signs only", "version 1.0 compatible") can be included by creating a separate .sub file for each case.
A header section, identified by [INFORMATION] tags, contains metadata and rendering instructions. 
Immediately following is a [SUBTITLE] section, consisting of comma-delimited time ranges (accurate to one hundredth of a second) and a caption to be displayed during each range:

== MicroDVD .sub description
MicroDVD subtitle files have .sub filename extensions. 
These files may come along with a video file. 
Media player applications that support external subtitle files are responsible for locating correct .sub files.
MicroDVD subtitle files consist of multiple lines, each defining a portion of the subtitle text that must be displayed between certain given video frames. The line syntax is:

== MicroDVD estructure

== MicroDVD .sub file example
For example, if "Hello!" is to be displayed during the first 25 frames of a digital video, clip or movie, the corresponding .sub file must contain the line:[1]
The line break used is | caracter

== Configuração de Ambiente de Desenvolvimento

É recomendado utilizar o FlashBuilder 4 como IDE para desenvolver a aplicação,
no entanto, é possível desenvolver em qualquer editor de texto e utilizar as
ferramentas presentes no Flex SDK para compilar.

Para facilitar a compilação pode-se usar ainda o Sprouts (
O Sprouts irá baixar todas as bibliotecas necessárias para compilar e rodar a
aplicação (Flex SDK, Flash Player Debugger, por exemplo).

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