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Skeleton for CakePHP 2.0 application

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This is the basic cakephp 2.0 app for a site with users. Very basic MVC has been included for extending the CakeDC users plugin.


  • clone the repo into /path/to/project/
  • replace weboot/index.php with one that is configured for your environment
  • create the empty database and Config/database.php
  • execute from /path/to/project/: cake Migrations.migration --plugin users

Included plugins

Extending the users plugin

No changes need to be made to the users plugin. Any changes to existing methods should be made by overriding the methods in the AppUsersController and AppUser. Changes to the views should be made by creating app/View/AppUsers directory and overriding the plugin views.

Updating the included plugins

The plugins were included in this repo using "fake submodules". Use the techniques outlined by:

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