Crossplatform lowlevel 3D rendering API in Haxe
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Visit the website:

Visit the api-docs:

You may install using:

haxelib git foo3d


git clone
haxelib dev foo3d foo3d


  • The flash target needs AGAL shaders while the rest of the targets use glsl!
  • Make sure you got foo3d.ndll in your path/sample-folders. It's compiled via hxcpp. Check the content of the "native-bindings"-folder.
  • Foo3D uses GLUT for the optional creation of the window and the context. Make sure you got glut32.dll in your path if you use the Frame-Class(like most of the samples).
  • On older systems Webgl can be blacklisted in your browser. Try setting "webgl.force-enabled;true" via "about:config".
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