Generator of hypertorus Petri net models
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Generator of hypertorus Petri net models


A hypertorus is obtained from a hypercube via closing (connecting) opposite facets in each dimension. A cell of hypertorus grid represents a packet switching device with ports situated on facets of the unit-sized hypercube. A device works in full-duplex mode using store-and-forward principle with limited capacity of buffer. Neighboring cells are connected via merging contact places situated on common facets.

Command line format:

htgen d k p b >


d the number of dimensions;

k the hypertorus size, actually k x k x k x ... x k - d times;

p the number of packets in each section of the internal buffer;

b the internal buffer available size.

Output (file) format:

.net “Time Petri nets textual format” according to

Tools to display, edit, visualize, and analyze generated models:

Tina Toolbox for analysis of Petri nets and Time Petri nets

Exported from Tina models are opened with other tools for Petri nets

An example:

htgen 3 2 2 3 >

  • Generate a model of a hypertorus with 3 dimensions of size 2 with 2 packets in each buffer section and available size of buffer 3.


  • Load the model into graphical environment of Tina.

Menue: "Edit - draw - nearto"

  • Visualize the model.

Menue: "Tools - stepper simulator - Rand"

  • Watch the token game.


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