Installing Python, Shadowcraft, and Prerequisites

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Why You Should Install Python

There are two major computer language interpreters/environments that every person should install. The first one is Java, the second is Python.

Python is an interpreted language, it's easy to share, easy to run, and and easy to look inside. It's highly mobile, and well integrated with other languages and environments. Not only all that, but it's an excellent beginner computer language, one that any tech literate person should be competent in.

Don't think that is enough? Read more:

What to install

Shadowcraft-Engine relies on python 2.6. While it's true that many revisions of Python have since been released, they are mostly just changes in feature sets, and minor changes in syntax. Since we don't need any new features, a familiar set of coding standards and syntax is used.

Python 2.6.6:

There is an additional optional dependency for a graphical interface that has been more-or-less abandoned. If you want to try and run it, you will need wxPython. wxPython is a GUI framework (tool to help build graphical interfaces) for python that helps facilitate the UI process. wxPython is not bundled with Shadowcraft, and you will need a 32, or 64bit version that reflects the version of python you are using. Be warned, this options has a chance to not even start due to a lack of maintenance.


Setting up Shadowcraft

First you need to download the Shadowcraft-Engine ( ), then extract it if you haven't yet. You can name the folder whatever you want, but all the contents need to keep their original name.

There is a strongly encouraged step (Win only) before continuing with the last two steps. You should add Python to the system path. This will save time and prevent headaches later on.

Next, open up Command Prompt (Win), Terminal (OS X), or Konsole/Terminal/etc (Linux). Type 'cd' into the window, followed by the path name to the Shadowcraft contents, followed by "scripts".

  • On Windows, this might look similar to this "> cd C:\Users\user_name\Downloads\dazer-ShadowCraft-xxxxxxxxx\scripts".
  • On OS X, it might look like this "$ cd ~/Downloads/dazer-ShadowCraft-xxxxxxxxx/scripts/".

The next step is to install the Shadowcraft library into python's files.

  • On Windows, there's a batch file named "reinstall.bat". You can just enter that into your command prompt window, a bunch of text will fly by, and you will return to the same scripts folder when it's done.
  • On OS X/Linux, there's a shell script named "". To run shell scripts in OS X/Linux, you actually need to type "./" in front of the bash script so it looks like "./". The reasons are outside the scope of this article.

Tada, Shadowcraft is completely installed.