Remembers previous topics and displays them if asked for.
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DaZeus Topic History

Provides a command for displaying the topic history.

Available commands


If not in a query, this displays the previous topic, by who and at what time it was set, if it is known.

}topic [n]

If not in a query, displays the n-th previous topic, if it is known. If n is current or less than 1, it will show information about the current topic.

}topic [channel]

Displays the previous topic in a channel, if it is known.

}topic [channel] [n]

Displays the n-th previous topic in a channel, if it is known, n may also be current or less than 1 to get info about the current topic.

}topic help

Displays help on the command

Installing it

npm install dazeus-plugin-topic

Running it

To let this command run, simple execute this command in the root folder of the plugin

node index

Several options are available, see the command line documentation for that:

node index --help