Provides classes to encrypt / decrypt 2 / 3.5 FormsAuthenticationTickets (cookies) without relying on system.web
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This library provides the ability to encrypt or decrypt a FormsAuthenticationTicket which are used for Forms Authentication cookies. The cookie will be compatible with .NET 2 / 3.5 & .NET 4 web applications, that use FormsAuthentication, with SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 validations and AES.

This is useful if you are hoping to, for example, integrate OWIN / AspNet Core cookies middleware, with a legacy .NET 3.5 web application, and want single sign on / off.


In order to encrypt / decrypt the auth cookie data, you need to provide the ValidationKey and DecryptionKey. These can usually be found in your existing 3.5 websites web.config.

Web.config with SHA1 should like like below:

    <machineKey validation="SHA1" validationKey="XXXXX" decryption="AES" decryptionKey="XXXXX" />

Web.config with SHA256 should like like below:

    <machineKey validation="HMACSHA256" validationKey="XXXXX" decryption="AES" decryptionKey="XXXXX" />

Web.config with SHA512 should like like below:

    <machineKey validation="HMACSHA512" validationKey="XXXXX" decryption="AES" decryptionKey="XXXXX" />

Then, within your application that wishes to read the cookie (or produce one) - add the following NuGet package:

To encrypt a FormsAuthenticationTicket do the following: (We'd usually then write the encrypted data as an auth cookie)

string validationKey = "30101052676849B0B494466B7A99656346328E8964748448E422D7344467A45777D972414947271744423422851D6742C9A09A65212C276C7F839157501291C6";
string decryptionKey = "AC7387D7E54B156377D81930CF237888854B5B5B515CF2D6356541255E696144";

// Arrange
var issueDate = DateTime.Now;
var expiryDate = issueDate.AddHours(1);
var formsAuthenticationTicket = new FormsAuthenticationTicket(2, "", issueDate, expiryDate, false, "custom data", "/");

byte[] decryptionKeyBytes = HexUtils.HexToBinary(decryptionKey);
byte[] validationKeyBytes = HexUtils.HexToBinary(validationKey);

var legacyFormsAuthenticationTicketEncryptor = new LegacyFormsAuthenticationTicketEncryptor(decryptionKeyBytes, validationKeyBytes, ShaVersion.Sha1);

// Act
// We encrypt the forms auth cookie.
var encryptedText = legacyFormsAuthenticationTicketEncryptor.Encrypt(formsAuthenticationTicket);

To Decrypt: (We'd usually read the encrypted text from the auth cookie)

FormsAuthenticationTicket decryptedTicket = legacyFormsAuthenticationTicketEncryptor.DecryptCookie(encryptedText);