DnnPackager v2.0.6

@dazinator dazinator released this Mar 19, 2016

#21 - Support for producing "Sources" package. +enhancement
#54 - Support for installing a sources package via package manager console +enhancement

Source packages feature is documented here: https://github.com/dazinator/DnnPackager/wiki/Sources-zip-package

Thanks @nvisionative for requesting this feature.

In short, DnnPackager will now output a "sources" version of your install zip alongside the ordinary install zip (in the bin directory).

A source file, is any file in the project that has a "build action" set to "compile".

In VS, in the package console manager window, Install-Module command will install the ordinary zip as before. If you want to install the sources version of your package instead, use the new Install-ModuleSources command. Both commands have the same arguments. Info on wiki here: https://github.com/dazinator/DnnPackager/wiki/Package-Manager-Console-Commands