This is a boilerplate for react with TypeScript
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Frontend React Typescript Starter Boilerplate

nvm: node and npm version

You should only use

  • Node v7.10.1
  • Npm v4.2.0

You can get multiple versions running when using nvm

Developer Tools

You should use chrome for debugging, because there are two useful extensions:


extends TypeScript airbnb config, for details see tslint.json

IDE and paths

It is strongly recommended to use IntelliJ for developing purposes. Though this projects works with all IDEs, IntelliJ has a big advantage: You can import with custom paths. There are a two shortcuts to avoid long relative paths:

  • js -> src/js/
  • scss -> src/scss/


import Comp from '../../../../components/Test/Component'; // DONT
import Comp from 'js/components/Test/Component'; // DO

Webpack and Reporting

When you run build command, a file called _webpack_report.html is created. You can explore the package size of the build bundle in there. Useful for long loading times and optimization.

Webpack config was created out of nothing, therefore there is no starter-pack to look for hints. Configs can be found in config folder


Tests are not typesafe! Too much trouble for too less effort. Every existing test is right next to its component/function/action/reducer

Test coverage can be found in coverage-report

Languages and i18n

i18n is used in this project to get multilinguality working. You can find translation files in js/constants/translations


In order to run the frontend correctly, you need to setup the backend. Tests should run without backend installed.

clean folder and files (dist, node_modules, coverage)

npm run clean

build for production (folder 'dist')

npm install
npm run build

start dev server (http://localhost:8080/)

npm install
npm run start

run tests folder 'coverage'

npm install
npm run test


Route RedirectsTo Component Description
"/" "/start"
"/start" App
"*" NotFound Route not found