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Mautic plugin to enable sending via the Sendinblue API and receive statuses via webhooks.
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Mautic Sendinblue Plugin

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This Plugin brings Sendinblue integration to Mautic 2.15.2 and newer.

Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0.

Installation via composer (preferred)

Execute composer require dazzle/mautic-sendinblue-bundle in the main directory of the Mautic installation.

Installation via .zip

  1. Download the, extract it into the plugins/ directory and rename the new directory to MauticSendinblueBundle.
  2. Clear the cache via console command php app/console cache:clear --env=prod (might take a while) OR manually delete the app/cache/prod directory.


Navigate to the Plugins page and click "Install/Upgrade Plugins". You should now see a "Sendinblue integration" plugin.


Navigate to the Configuration page and open Email Settings section. Set "Sendinblue - API" service to send email through and enter your Sendinblue API key (use v3).


  1. Navigate to your Sendinblue account and open the Webhook page in Transactional settings.
  2. Add a new webhook:
    1. URL to call: https://SITENAME/mailer/sendinblue_api/callback
    2. Supported events:
      • Error
      • Soft Bounce
      • Hard Bounce
      • Invalid email
      • Complaint
      • Unsubscribed
      • Blocked
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