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handle unique constraints in changeColumn() for postgres #46

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There doesn't seem to be support for unique constraints passed to the changeColumn() function for the Postgres backend; they just get ignored. I added support for it. Please pull this change into your repo.


Any chance you'd be willing to add a test for that so it doesn't slip through the cracks again in the future? If not, I can write one, but I might not get to it right away.


I can probably figure out how to do that. I'll try to get to it today.

@kunklejr kunklejr merged commit 394e342 into db-migrate:master

Fix is in version 0.2.4

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  1. +20 −1 lib/driver/pg.js
21 lib/driver/pg.js
@@ -116,7 +116,26 @@ var PgDriver = Base.extend({
function setNotNull() {
var setOrDrop = columnSpec.notNull === true ? 'SET' : 'DROP';
var sql = util.format("ALTER TABLE %s ALTER COLUMN %s %s NOT NULL", tableName, columnName, setOrDrop);
- this.runSql(sql, setDefaultValue.bind(this));
+ this.runSql(sql, setUnique.bind(this));
+ }
+ function setUnique(err) {
+ if (err) {
+ callback(err);
+ }
+ var sql;
+ var constraintName = tableName + '_' + columnName + '_unique';
+ if (columnSpec.unique === true) {
+ sql = util.format("ALTER TABLE %s ADD CONSTRAINT %s UNIQUE (%s)", tableName, constraintName, columnName);
+ this.runSql(sql, setDefaultValue.bind(this));
+ } else if (columnSpec.unique === false) {
+ sql = util.format("ALTER TABLE %s DROP CONSTRAINT %s", tableName, constraintName);
+ this.runSql(sql, setDefaultValue.bind(this));
+ }
function setDefaultValue(err) {
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