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Changelog - 7th Sea CCG OCTGN Game Definition

Made compatible with OCTGN 3.1.x


  • Small change in the deck's sections. The first section is now called "Ship, Captain & Starting Crew" to better signify what you're supposed to put there. The above change means that you'll have to modify your decks. To avoid manually searching your cards to put back ship and captain, simply edit your decks with a text editor and replace "Ship & Captain" with "Ship, Captain & Starting Crew"


  • Made compatible with OCTGN onwards. Users will have to redownload the markers and all sets.


This is the very basic first version of the engine. Don't expect much advanced functionality for now but it should be playable, albeit fairly manual.

  • Added a basic Game Setup script. Will place the 5 seas vertically (if they don't exist already) and place your ship and captain on the left/right.