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Netrunner CCG plugin for OCTGN

Considered by most one of the best Card Games ever conceived, Netrunner is an asymmetrical Cyberpunk CCG that everyone should play at least once.

Note: This is just the game engine, you'll also need to download the sets. If you've never played the Netrunner before, you can find some links to check out here


Some basic instructions on how to use the new system will be forthcoming, but things should be fairly intuitive anyway. Four basic things to remember

  • First thing you do after you load a deck is Setup (Ctrl+Shift+S)
  • At the start of your turn, declare it with F1
  • At the end of your turn, declare it with F12. Make sure the game announces that your turn has ended and is not expecting you to discard down to your max hand size ;)
  • Play cards from Hand with the Pay and Install or pay at no cost

And some more advanced stuff starting from version 2.1.x

  • Most card will automatically trigger their abilities when played/scored/rezzed so you don't need to do anything else. Pay attention to the notification area for messages from them.
  • Cards with abilities which increase your MU, Hand Size, etc will automatically increase it when they come into play and reduce it when they go away, as long as you don't drag&drop them in or out of the table manually. Use the built-in commands for that. Rez, Derez, Trash etc
  • Cards with abilities you activate while they're in play (like programs, agendas, upgrades etc) will trigger them when you double-click on them. If they have more than one ability (such as most icebreakers), the game will prompt you to select one and pay the appropriate cost.
  • Cards which reduce the cost of other card's abilities, will also automatically work. If you have a card which has tokens which can pay the cost for activating icebreakers, they will be automatically used when you use one such ability. If you have more than one of these cards which can affect such costs they will be triggered in the order you put them on the table. If you wanted to use the tokens from another card instead, you can simply drag the token manually to the other card afterwards.
  • There are cards which will automatically do damage to your opponent and thus discard random cards from their hand. Due to the way OCTGN works, this may crash the game if you opponent was manipulating the same card. There is a warning before all such damage that will warn you to inform your opponent to be hands-off while the effect is in progress. This warning will also give your opponent the opportunity to play cards which prevent damage.
  • Yes, cards which reduce damage taken have been automated and work automatically depending on the kind of damage you take. As before, they too get triggered by the order they've been put on the table, so if you didn't want to lose the counters from one particular card, just drag them in from the card you did want to use.
  • Some cards require that you select a target from the table or your hand. Do this before you play or activate the card. If you don't the action will abort and the game will inform you to select your targets first. As always, keep your eye on the chatbox for such warnings.
  • Cards which have effects which trigger at start/end of turn (i.e. refilling bit markers on them) will automatically work.
  • If you don't like some or all the automations, you can disable some or all of them. Go to the game menu, and you can disable damage automations (i.e. your opponent will have to use the damage options manually but those won't automatically use the damage prevention cards), Turn Start/End automations and Play/Score/Rez Automations (i.e. mostly everything). If you find that you'd rather do everything manually, just disable all of them and you'll have an experience as with most generic card game engines.

Phew, that should be the most basic things about the new automations. In general if you're not sure if a card is automated, simply play it and see what happens. You will be surprised at how many cards just work.



(Click for larger size)

A game in progress at v2.0.4

How the custom fonts look like



Disabled the debug option ;)


  • Fixed bug with Deal with Militech and added an Autotargeting autoscript mechanism.


Implemented the custom cards which have some of the more unique effects. With this all the core set is truly completed (as much as possible that is)

  • Microtech AI Interface
  • Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer
  • New Blood
  • Dr. Dreff
  • Social Engineering
  • Corporate War
  • Mystery Box


First version with full automation for most cards in the basic set. From adding markers when you play them, to fully automatizing Arasaka Owns You and Emergency Self-Construct ;) Changes and bugfixes far too numerous to mention. Needless to say this is a huge update.

At this moment only the core set is such automated. The other sets are still usable but might need to edit their definitions to make them compatible (Will release a patch)

  • No more crashing scripts when player closes windows that ask for numbers
  • Increased the chat font-size to 11 to be more visible on high resolutions (eg 1920x1080)


  • Added ⏎ character on the chatbox, when the player takes an action, to be able to distinguish those notifications better.
    • Important, because of the above change, you'll have to delete your old chat fonts if you're on windows XP and see a square instead of the Enter character. Simply delete the %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Octgn\Games\13568561-7a2e-4572-8f31-3d99580ab245\cmd64.ttf file.
  • Paying Action now take into account your max actions (as modified by cards and the player)
  • Cards that have the "double" trait now correctly use two actions when played. (Toon)
  • Fixed some wonky indentations.
  • Replaced "Note:" with ":::Warning:::" to make them stand out more.
  • Playing Hardware Deck or Unique cards now will confirm and trash existing such cards of the player (Toon)
  • Player will now be prevented from drawing cards automatically if they have an effect which modifies the amount of cards they draw each time. (Toon)
  • Added action to check errata and rulings for a card on (Toon)
  • Added more autoscripting. (Toon)
    • Runs
    • Losing tags
    • Rolling Dice
    • Refilling Hand
    • Increasing your Actions Max.


  • Changed chat font size to 10 and menu size to 11

  • Made +1 and -1 card markers counter each other.
  • Added two extra markers. Generic and Advance (Toon)
  • Added two extra autoscripts for adding extra actions and generic counters (Toon)
  • Added a function to add any kind of marker.
  • Made deck checking work robustly in multiplayer


  • Added custom fonts to be used with OCTGN


  • Fixed automations for cards like Cortical Cybermodem.


  • Cards with MU cost now announce how much it is when they installed, and return it back to their owner when they're trashed.
  • Fixed +MU card giving double the bonuses.


  • Agenda scoring should now work for the runner.
  • Fixe bug where Corp Upgrades were being installed face-up
  • Put a warning in case people try to start a game without a two-sided-table
  • Scored agendas now moved to the scoring player's side and stacked.


The latest release of the co-operation between Db0 and toon. Netrunner 2.0.0 is released!

  • Autoscripts are now working without errors. This means that many of the cards that do something fairly simple, like drawing 3 cards, or increasing your handsize, now do that automatically.
  • Function to disable Autoscripts in the game menu
  • New each card has only one "Keywords" field instead of 5 separate ones. This means that filtering cards by their traits is much easier in the deck editor. This will require a patching of your existing sets

Due to the significant changes in this version, it is strongly suggested that you delete your OCTGN\Database folder after patching. OCTGN should automatically reinstall all your games the next time you start it (If not, just go to options, select Install on Launch and restart OCTGN) Don't forget to download the latest markers file as well.

Also keep in mind that the current (as of 20/04/2012) stable versions of OCTGN do not support the custom fonts that are enabled by the game. If you see squares where you should be seeing characters, (or if you just want to experience the awesomeness) use the OCTGN Beta 4.


  • Added Commodore 64 fonts for the chat box


  • Added modified Cyberpunks Not Dead font (with some specific unicode support). many thanks to Aurelius :-)
  • Changed some wordings.
  • Agenda Points scored now visible on player summary.
  • Changed the hand "Trash Card" actions to "Trash/Archive" to be more descriptive.
  • "Move to Archives H" now is "Move to Face-Up Archives" since the Hidden archives are alread delt with the normal "Trash/Archive".


  • Renamed some option to be more thematic
  • Converted all bit references to unicode via new function
  • Reworked the automation ON/OFF to use boolean and to be smaller.
  • Added option to switch unicode bits on/off
  • Added Unicode font as default to be used in the upcoming version of OCTGN(untested)


  • Fixed playing or rezzing cards at no cost not putting it on the table.


  • Fixed the card placing for a 2-player inverted table setup.


  • Disabled Automations so that the game can be playable until they are finalized


  • Made The "Declare Start of Turn", "Declare End of Turn" more central to the game. It supposed to work as follows
    • At the start of your turn, you press F1 to declare the start of your turn. This also reinitializes your actions and makes some further checks for mistakes
    • When you're done with your turn, you press F12 to declare the end of your turn. It does some further checks and if it realizes that you have more cards in your hand than your handsize, it puts you in the "End Turn Phase" where you have to discard your excess cards
    • When done with discarding, you press F12 again and after some internal checks, the game announces the end of your turn.
  • The mandatory draw action has been removed as its own unique entity. It has been merged into the normal card draw action, but to work correctly you need to use the end turn, start turn actions appropriately.
  • Added more unicode Action and Bit characters on the menu!
  • Now runs, paying to remove traces and paying to discard resources costs an action
  • Added action to change your Action limit per turn. THis is used when they are automatically refreshed at Turn Start.
  • Added new hand action for card discard. This automatically places the cards in the right pile depending if you're corp or runner. It also shows thematic messages when done during the end-of-turn phase.


  • Reorganized the context menu for the table
  • Now drawing a card uses an action. Playes can use the Draw Many option to avoid this.
  • Advancing a card now uses propely the payCost() and useAction() functions
  • Muted some trace functions
  • Added function for players to use an action and get a bit
  • Started using unicode "Return" character to denote which options require the use of an Action.
  • Started using unicode Dingbats 10102 to 10111 to denote which options require the payment of bits. The getBit() function also uses them in its message.
  • Removed the Brain damage counter and now using only the hand size one. The hand size counter has the brain icon now.


  • Changed placement of various cards for corp and runner to make more use of the board setup
  • Renamed the "Trash" to "Trash/Archives(face-up)" and "Archives" to "Archives(Hidden)"


  • Trimmed down the unused actions
  • Implemented a better Actions notification, based on the Actions counter. When player does not have enough default actions, they will be warned.
  • Superfluous "Action #2","Action #3" etc removed in favour of a single "Declare Action" action.
  • When a player plays a card from their hand, the game automatically uses an action.
  • Implemented a new payCost() function that takes care of reducing the player's Bit Pool and informing if that's not possible.
  • Made card payment go through the payCost action. This takes into accound "play for free" actions
  • Added Ctrl+Shift+S shortcut to Setup Game.
  • Archives H renamed to Archives
  • Archives renamed to Trash
  • Rez and Trash actions now properly use the payCost() function
  • Modified the placement of the corp's 3 starting data forts cards.


  • New intPlay() function that is more consise but has the same functionality.
  • Fixed issues with modifying counters and generally integers not being converted
  • Changed some calls to counters to their shorthand names for better readability


  • Fork in github of the work done by Toon offline. This version included more automation, particularly when playing cards.


  • Initial version uploaded to OCTGN forums. Compatible with OCTGN2. Made by Toon & Firwally.
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