The Game Definition for the Spycraft CCG's OCTGN plugin
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Spycraft CCG plugin for OCTGN

Spycraft is an Espionage themed card game for 2-6 players.

Please visit the OCTGN Game Directory Site for all relevant information

Also visit the Spycraft subreddit for additional information, especially if you're interested in playing on paper

Espionage is a grand shadow play in which every act is an ideological war and every actor carries the fate of nations in his armor-lined briefcase. The greatest among them are silent soldiers of private wars ... wars fought behind the scenes for reasons we never truly understand. They lie, cheat, and steal to protect truth, integrity, and security. They kill to save lives. Spies specialize in treachery so no one else has to, and find honor in conviction alone.

The Spycraft CCG brings these anti-heroes to life, in a world where they have outlived their utility as government pawns. What happens when spies strike out on their own to change the world they helped to destroy? How far will they go to save it? Welcome to the first step toward a very different future...

Note regarding errata and promo cards

AEG deleted the official Spycraft forums without giving any notice, and the forums weren't archived due by archiving sites to robots.txt.

Thus a lot of official documentation such as official errata, and rules for sanctioned play were lost.

Therefore, all the errata done to cards are "unofficial". Any errata made was done after intense discussion with the Manchester Spycraft community, which includes 2 Bounty Hunters, one of whom was a major collaborator with Azaroth in the creation of Azaroth's Unofficial Technical rules(which has now been taken over by Argali).

Various promo programs existed, and some promos were never meant to be played in sanctioned games. Legal promos tended to be promos that were available through the player rewards program for playing in sanctioned events in store, or box toppers. Playtester, Bounty Hunter and special event promos were "discouraged" from being used, and were "encouraged" to be collector cards only. For sanctioned play, there was an official list of legal promo cards but as all official documentation has been lost, that list is lost too. So use promos with care.