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@db0 db0 released this 27 Dec 16:18
· 390 commits to main since this release


Important: CFConst has been adjusted.

If you are working on your own copy of CFConst, you will need to adjust or add the following constants

  • PATH_PER_ENGINE (New Addition)
  • ATTACHMENT_OFFSET (Modified to be an array)

New Features

  • Added ability for BoardPlacementGrid to be set to autoextend based on exported var. This will be used by scripts or with the Autoplacement setting on cards (defaults to false)
  • Attachments can now be offset in any direction. Customized on the scene itself. Collaboration with @zombieCraig.
  • Can set a card type for Grid Autoplacement. The card will always attempt to position itself inside the specified grid. If it cannot, it will remain where it was. If the grid can auto-extend, it will do so to host the card.
  • Specified compensation label will increase when other labels are hidden because they are empty
  • Now can specify specific number properties which will cause the label to hide when they're set to 0
  • Added common_move_scripts() method in CardTemplate which is called after a card moves. This can be overriden by developers to call scripts for whole groups of cards.
  • Added a way to generate a random seed each game.. Demonstration board displays the random seed.


  • Added support for placing cards directly into Grids.
  • Having enough space in a grid can also be considered a cost check.
  • Now can spawn more than 1 card at the same time.
  • Spawned cards can be placed in grids directly.
  • Now supports AND, OR conditionals in filters.
  • Now supports ne/gt/lt/ge/le comparisons on numbers.
  • Now supports "not equal" comparison on strings.
  • Now supports runtime calculation of power of effects using the "per_" key.



  • Consolidated move_card_cont_to_cont to move_card_to_container
  • Consolidated move_card_cont_to_board to move_card_to_board

You have to adjust any scripts which used the former two tasks, to use the latter two. No need to adjust any keys.