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Michi-c2 --- Michi clone in C (Go gtp engine)

This is a recoding in C (for speed) of the michi.py code by Petr Baudis avalaible at https://github.com/pasky/michi.

A port in C of the original michi has been kept without change at https://github.com/db3108/michi-c with the goal to retain the brevity, clarity and simplicity of the original code.

Please go on the above projects pages to read more about Michi and to find some information about theory or interesting projects to do.


Version 1.4 has many new features

  • variable boardsize,
  • early passing
  • graphics in gogui
  • read sgf files
  • improved portability
  • plays handicap games with dynamic komi (linear)
  • some speed improvements

For more details see the ChangeLog.

The current version is able to play on CGOS. A README file and example configuration files can be found in the cgos directory.

Michi-c2 is distributed under the MIT licence. Now go forth, hack and peruse!


See the user manual by opening doc/manual.html in any web browser. If you are browsing the code on GitHub you can preferably open the doc/manual.rst.


See doc/INSTALL.md

This document describes some tests of michi-c that you should execute before trying to use it. These tests will check if you get the same results on your computer as I got on Linux. When these tests pass, we could be fairly confident that michi-c will work for you.

Important Note It is highly recommended that you download Michi large-scale pattern files provide by Petr Baudis at


Unpack them and place them (or a link to them) in the working directory when you run michi-c (same as michi.py), otherwise michi-c will be much weaker.