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Rough start on a TODO list:
- <db48x> I've gotta do the IA logo at some point
- <SketchCow> Right, we didn't get to my requests!
- <SketchCow> 1. MAME logo still is the default.
- [01:41] <SketchCow> 2. Keyboard acts weird in some places (this might be tracey)
- <SketchCow> 3. Fullscreen slows things down (this might be tracey)
- [01:42] <SketchCow> 4. Going out of fullscreen and it's brokey/small (this also might be tracey)
- <SketchCow> I'm probably forgetting something.
+* Keyboard acts weird in some places (Might be local to IA)
+* Fullscreen slows things down in some cases (Might be local to IA)
+* Going out of Fullscreen and it is too small

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