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DotNetNuke 6 Boilerplate Skin

Based on HTML5 Boilerplate. Includes:

  • Common and generic containers
  • Preconfigured RadEditor tools and configs
  • script.js file containing common and generic JS snippets, delete any that you don't use
  • plugins.js file contianer Colorbox, Uniform and JFeed minified, non-minified sources available in /src/ folder
  • Modernizr
  • RadEditor.css file for custom "Apply Class" drop-down
  • Favicons both in website root and portal skin root (for back-end favicon specifying)
  • Global headers and footers using server-side includes
  • humans.txt
  • - a "down for maintenance" page
  • ARIA roles in the skin files

Stripped down files to remove font sizings, colours and other obnoxious things:

  • /admin/skins/search.aspx (Removed space between input and button)
  • /DesktopModules/Blog/module.css
  • /DesktopModules/DNNCorp/SearchCrawler/Results/module.css
  • /Portals/_default/default.css

General Notes:

  • Modernizr and other things are placed in the skin file rather than Default.aspx to prevent issues upgrading.
  • If you modify Default.aspx be sure to take notes on what you modified so that you are prepared to do it again after upgrades.

Notes for new DotNetNuke installs:

  • Go in to /Portals/0/Images/ and remove all default DNN images
  • Create /Portals/0/Documents/ using File Manager to store documents

Notes before going live:

  • Test uc.htm
  • Create a custom login page and style form appropriately
  • Go in to site settings and set the Favicon for Internet Explorer, you may need to recursively synchronise files to show the Skins folder
  • Test that "manage" buttons aren't being cut off or hidden unless unavoidable
  • Create 404 page and link it in web.config
  • Check the config files for Image Manager and Document Manager to ensure upload limits are a reasonable size