DNN-related Snippets for SublimeText2
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DNN ContainerObject Content Pane.sublime-snippet
DNN ContainerObject Icon.sublime-snippet
DNN ContainerObject Title.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Breadcrumb.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject CSS Include.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Copyright.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Current Date.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject DDR.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject JS Include.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Language.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Link to Full.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Link to Mobile.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Links.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Login.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Logo.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Meta.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Privacy.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Search.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Terms.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject Text.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinObject User.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Is Admin.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Is Authenticated.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Is Edit Mode.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Is Logged In.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page Description.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page Icon.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page Keywords.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page Level.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page Name.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page Order.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page Path.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page TabID.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page Title.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page Type.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Page Url.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Portal Description.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Portal Directory.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Portal Domain.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Portal Email.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Portal Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Portal Keywords.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Portal Name.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Root Breadcrumb Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Admin Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Admin Url.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Home Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Home Url.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Host Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Host Url.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Login Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Login Url.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Profile Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Profile Url.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Register Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Register Url.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Search Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Search Url.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Splash Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Site Splash Url.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken Skin Path.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken User Displayname.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken User Email.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken User First Name.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken User Id.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken User Last Name.sublime-snippet
DNN SkinToken User Profile Url.sublime-snippet


DNN Snippets for SublimeText 2

These are snippets to quickly add common DNN tags when developing your DotNetNuke skins in Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text (3).

Copy these files in to: %appdata%/Roaming/Sublime Text 2/Packages/DotNetNukeSnippets

To access the snippets, click on Tools > Snippets and type DNN to show the DotNetNuke snippets.

About the Snippets

There are two types of snippets. The first are built-in modules such as the search module and the ddr menu.

The second type are skin tokens. These are small bits of code you can put on your page to render database-level details about the page you are on. For example: <%=PortalSettings.ActiveTab.TabName %> will output the name of the page you are on.

A list of various dnn tokens boomerangdns.com.

A reference for Skin & Container objects Skinning Tool