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A simple little one-page Intranet homepage I created for my home server that links to SickBeard, CouchPotato, Headphones and SABnzbd.
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Usenet Intranet PHP Homepage

A simple little one-page Intranet homepage I created for my home server with the following features:

  • Buttons to go directly to:
    • Sickbeard
    • CouchPotato
    • Headphones
    • SABnzbd
    • uTorrent WebUI
    • Movie Trailers
  • Currently downloading on SABnzbd
  • Currently downloading on uTorrent (requires web ui to be enabled)
  • List of TV Shows that come out today from Sickbeard
  • Show Wifi Password
  • Completely customisable to show or hide only the features you want



Ideally this would go on the root of your web server, which is why the intranet resources are in a folder named intranet. The resources are all relative so you can move it in to a subfolder if you like.

To configure the page you will need to open the intranet folder and rename serverconfig-example.php to serverconfig.php Open the config file and make the appropriate changes to the IPs, Ports, API Keys, Usernames and Passwords.


Your webserver will require:

  • cURL
  • PHP


If something goes wrong after updating, please consult the latest serverconfig-example.php file. Odds are something's changed and you'll need to either:

  • Update your serverconfig.php with the changes
  • Rename serverconfig-example.php to serverconfig.php and copy in the settings from your old serverconfig.php
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