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#ifndef _WAVE_H_
#define _WAVE_H_
* Wave.h
* Sin
* Created by blucia0a on 8/25/11.
* Copyright 2011 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
#include "SampleSource.h"
class Wave : public SampleSource{
double freq, amp; // controls
double freqz, ampz; // for dezipper filter
double phase; // oscillator phase in radians
double srate;
void *cbdata;
void (*callback)(Wave *self, void *d);
Wave(double frq, double rate, double ampl);
void setAmpVal(double val);
double getAmpVal();
void setFreqVal(double val);
double getFreqVal();
double getRate();
void setCallback(void (*f)(Wave *self, void *d), void *cbd);
virtual void getNextSample(float *out);
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