Yarr finds album art quickly and politely and is your friend to extend.
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Yarr provides subclasses of its base class, Finder, to locate and download
album cover art from various sources.  You don't use Yarr::Finder directly:
require 'yarr'
finder = Yarr::LastFm.new('Artist Name', 'Album Title')
finder.cached? # => false
finder.failed? # => false

## stuff happens ##
finder.failed? # => true if no results
finder.cached? # => true if there is a matching file on disk


- wget
- xml-simple
- mechanize


Yarr supports multiple search backends for "eager" loading of covers; it is
expected that multiple versions of a cover may be found even on a single search
and that the user will sort through them later.

Files are stored on disk using a normalized hashed directory structure, e.g.:

/covers/we/weirdal/badhairday-front-0.jpg  # the first version of the front cover we found
/covers/we/weirdal/badhairday-front-1.jpg  # the second version of the front cover

The CoverParadies finder will locate both "Front" and "Back" covers.
If you do not want this, edit the ART_TYPES constant.

You must specify a base directory and last.fm API key in ~/.yarr for Yarr to
work properly.  This YAML file is generated the first time you load Yarr:

:lastfm_key: ""
:wget_options: --user-agent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)"
:image_dir: "/var/tmp/yarr/covers"

In order to make being nice to remote servers easier in scripts that use Yarr,

- When art is not found, a .nyarr file is created in the directory tree where
  the artwork would normally go.  This file contains information that Yarr
  uses to know when it's failed previously.

- Between downloads, Yarr waits between 1 and 5 seconds before continuing.

- Yarr uses wget, so you can provide any options you'd like in ~/.yarr


Have a look at the finder implementations in lib.  Your task is to find the URL
to some artwork given @artist and @album, and then call fetch.  The only rules
are that you must subclass Finder and define find(); it doesn't matter what find
returns but nothing will be downloaded unless you call fetch().

If your source has different types of artwork like cover-paradies.to then you
can add a type string to ART_TYPES and pass it as an additional argument to fetch().