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(in-package #:flight-sim)
(defclass motion ()
((velocity :initarg :velocity :accessor velocity :initform (vector 0 0 0))
(acceleration :initarg :acceleration :accessor acceleration :initform (vector 0 0 0))
(jerk :initarg :jerk :accessor jerk :initform (vector 0 0 0))))
(defclass body ()
((motion :initarg :motion :accessor motion :initform (make-instance 'motion))
(coords :initarg :coords :accessor coords :initform (vector 0 0 0))
(mass :initarg :mass :accessor mass :initform 0.0)
(angles :initarg :angles :accessor angles :initform (vector 0 0 0))))
(defclass force ()
((newtons :initarg :newtons :accessor newtons :initform 0)
(direction :initarg :direction :accessor direction :initform (vector))))
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