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(in-package #:flight-sim)
(defmacro restartable (&body body)
"Helper macro since we use continue restarts a lot
(remember to hit C in slime or pick the restart so errors don't kill the app"
(progn ,@body)
(continue () :report "Continue")))
(defun make-2d-array (h w contents)
(let ((arr (make-array h)))
(do ((i 0 (incf i))
(rest-list contents (rest rest-list)))
((eql i h))
(setf (aref arr i) (make-array w :initial-contents (car rest-list))))
(let ((time-units (/ 1.0 internal-time-units-per-second)))
(defun wall-time (&key (offset 0))
(+ (* (get-internal-real-time) time-units)