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JAST Stack

PLEASE NOTE: the project structure has changed. Read below and only upgrade old projects with great caution.

JAST is a boilerplate with a mash of tools for rapid Alloy development. Let's be opinionated then. The stack includes:

  • Alloy - Appcelerator's own MVC Framework
  • Babel - to give us some ES6 support.
  • Jade - the best template engine for alloy views
  • STSS - Sassy TSS, or Sassy Titanium Style Sheets.
  • TiShadow - the fastest Open Source toolset for titanium development.

And these libraries:

  • XHR - a new XHR wrapper.

And these widgets:

See the following (outdated) demo - it uses LTSS instead of STSS but you'll get the idea.

If you would like coffee with that see grunt-titanium-tishadow.


Let's Go


The configuration is at the head of the Gruntfile.js.

You must modify the ti_args values to suit your environment. The ti info command can help to get the correct ios simulator device id.

You can optionally modify Project Specific Definitions section.


  • git clone
  • [sudo] npm install alloy tishadow
  • cd JAST && [sudo] npm install
  • grunt dev --p=iphone

Note: the grunt dev command will start the tishadow server and launch a tishadow appified version of your app. All code changes will be selectively precompiled and pushed (live-reload).

Manual Install with Extras 👍

If you want to:

  • use selective alloy compilation for super fast live reloads.

You will need to install alloy from master and at least v.2.8.0 of tishadow - follow these steps.

  • git clone
  • [sudo] npm install -g git://
  • [sudo] npm install -g tishadow
  • tishadow config --boost
  • cd JAST && [sudo] npm install
  • grunt dev --p=iphone

Use the Yeoman generator: generator-alloy


 npm install -g yo generator-alloy
 mkdir /path/to/new/app && cd $_
 yo alloy

If you want to use


Make ALL changes in the src directory. The ENTIRE app directory will be cleaned on grunt clean.


  • grunt - compiles the jade, stss and es6 files and copies all the assets from src to app
  • grunt dev [--p=<platform>] - auto compile and pushes with TiShadow (p flag is optional)
  • grunt test [--p=<plaform>] - run specs (p flag is optional)
  • grunt clean - deletes all generated files
  • grunt [iphone6|iphone7|ipad6|ipad7|appstore|adhoc|playstore] - commands inspired by the work of @FokkeZB on TiNy. Project specific settings are configured at the top of the Gruntfile.js.

License: MIT


JAST is a boilerplate with a mash of tools for rapid Alloy development



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