A django plugin that maps data (from a model) onto a google map
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(short name : gmmd)

A simple django-cms plugin to dig data from a model and place it on a google map. For example, you have a Django model that describes Users and where they live:

from django.db import models
class User(models.Model):
    first_name       = models.CharField( _(u"Your first name"), max_length=50)
    last_name        = models.CharField( _(u"Your family name"), max_length=50)
    address          = models.CharField( _(u"Where you live"), max_length=200)

Then you can show their homes on a google map by telling GoogleMapMyDjango to look into the User model, and to use the "address" field to plot the markers on the map. All the hard work is done by Google so say "thank you Google".


  • Plot your point data on a GoogleMap with an optionnal InfoWindow
  • Find your point data that is the closest to anywhere + routing.


git clone git://github.com/dbarbeau/googlemapmydjango.git
cd googlemapmydjango
python setup.py install


  • add "gmmd" to "INSTALLED_APPS" in your project's settings.py
  • add url(r"^gmmd/", include('gmmd.urls')) to your project's urls.py


Add an instance of the gmmd plugin to one of your pages in your administration interface. Next we describe the available fields:

  • Title : The title of the map (currently undisplayed)
  • Map location : A full text address to center the map on initialisation, eg: "Paris, Texas, USA".
  • M marker : Name of the model in which gmmd will dig for the data (eg: the "user" model from the above example)
  • Marker Model Title Field : Name of the field that contains the name of the marker (str, optionnal).
  • Marker Model Geocode Field : Name of the field that contains the address of the data to plot (str, required).
  • Marker Model InfoWindow Content Field : Name of the field that contains the text to show in the InfoWindow. If blank, no InfoWindow will be displayed (str, optionnal).
  • Enable closest search panel : If checked, will display a form to search for closest marker to whatever address is entered.
  • Finder Text : A description to display next to the search box
  • Finder button Text : A short text to display in the search button

Change Log


  • Reworked to use GoogleMapMyData for the widget. It is now mainly a server for this widget.
  • Allow multiple instances of the plugin per page.
  • Removed server-side computations and caching.
  • Removed unused fields from the model.


Initial Commit:

  • Plots point data from Django CMS onto a Google Map.
  • Computes the closest plotted point to a given address on the server side.