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What Is It?

The sinatra-html5-compass-boilerplate is a template for starting project faster.

How to use?

  • git clone
  • cd sinatra-html5-compass-boilerplate
  • bundle install
  • rackup

Modify app.rb to your project name and the reference in and you are all set


It is written for me and comes AS IS. Use if you wish, but know that it conforms to what I like using in Sinatra apps, including:

  • Helpers in the gem "kelredd-sinatra-helpers"
  • Bundler for gem configurations
  • Capistrano deployment scheme
  • Source control with Git
  • Haml
  • an App directory structure similar to Rails
  • Default layout by Paul Irish
  • Rack::Cache using my configuration (see admin/
  • Rack::Flash
  • Rack::Sprockets (
  • Unit testing with Test::Unit
  • Test suite using leftright, rack-test, webrat, etc...
  • Compass 0.11.1
  • Guard with Livereload enabled, see (


  • Css and js merged packages
  • Better documentation

Copyright © 2011 Davide Barison, released under the MIT license.