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// FUCoreDataStore.h
// Ingredients
// Created by Alex Gordon on 22/04/2011.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "FMDatabase.h"
// In case you're wondering why I'm going to these lengths to avoid core data...
// Behold! 2 minutes of Core Data doing absolutely nothing:
// Inspiring, isn't it?
@interface FUCoreDataStore : NSObject {
FMDatabase *database;
NSManagedObjectContext *context;
NSDictionary *scalarKeyMap; // key -> column name
NSDictionary *relationshipToEntityMap; // key -> entity name
@property (readonly) FMDatabase *database;
- (id)initWithManagedObjectContext:(NSManagedObjectContext *)ctx;
- (id)magicObjectForEntity:(NSString *)normalEntityName rowid:(id)rowid;
@interface NSManagedObjectContext (FUCoreData)
- (FUCoreDataStore *)fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu;
// An FUCoreDataMagicObject acts a bit like a Core Data object. It overrides valueForKey: and tries to translate the key it's given into a key on the results dictionary
@interface FUCoreDataMagicObject : NSObject {
FUCoreDataStore *store;
NSDictionary *scalarKeyMap; // key -> column name
NSDictionary *relationshipToEntityMap; // key -> entity name
NSDictionary *results; // Value of the database
NSManagedObject *managedObject;
@property (assign) FUCoreDataStore *store;
@property (assign) NSDictionary *scalarKeyMap;
@property (assign) NSDictionary *relationshipToEntityMap;
@property (assign) NSDictionary *results;
@property (assign) NSManagedObject *managedObject;
- (id)valueForKey:(id)key;
+ (NSString *)coredataizeKey:(NSString *)normalKey;
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