A version of the AngularFun project using Mimosa and CommonJS
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This is exactly the same as my AngularFunMimosa project, but it leverages the mimosa-require-commonjs module, which allows for the codebase to be written in CommonJS format.

Angular Fun - Mimosa

Original By Cary Landholt

Translated from Grunt to Mimosa


  • This is an attempt to play with the features of AngularJS and leverage the goodness of RequireJS
  • Uses controllers, services, directives, filters, and partials
  • Takes advantage of Mimosa's minimal configuration (grunt config vs mimosa config) and built in RequireJS functionality.

Note: The twitter search portion of the demo app no longer functions after Twitter changed their API.


Install Angular Fun

$ git clone https://github.com/dbashford/AngularFunMimosaCommonJS.git
$ cd AngularFunMimosaCommonJS
$ npm install

Run It

Run Mimosa's watcher with the server turned on.

$ mimosa watch --server


$ mimosa watch -s

This will 1) watch your directory structure and compile things on the fly and 2) run a server at port 3000 so you can view your application 3) serve the assets gzipped and 4) reload the application whenever something successfully compiles (live reload). This will do it without optimizations and this with optimizations:

$ mimosa watch --server --optimize --minify


$ mimosa watch -som

Use the build command and the optimize, minify, and package flags and Mimosa will build all of the assets, optimize them into a single file, and then package the application for use outside of Mimosa. Go inside the created dist directory and execute node app.js and the app works the same.

$ mimosa build -omp