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This module allows you to build .html pages using Hogan.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see For more information regarding Hogan, see


Add 'hogan-static' to your list of modules. That's all! Mimosa will install the module for you when you start mimosa watch or mimosa build.


During mimosa watch and mimosa build this module will use Hogan to compile any .html or .htm files that it comes across.

This module provides the ability to provide custom config/setup/variables for each of your Hogan templates and includes support for using partials.

Default Config

hoganStatic: {
  partials: [],
  globals: {},
  contexts: {}

partials array of strings

A list of paths to partials. You can include the path to a directory and all of the immediate contents of that directory will be read in and considered partials. Partials are loaded for compiling other hogan templtes, but partials are NOT written to the output directories.

globals object

The properties of the globals object are provided to all templates.

contexts object

An object of contexts(variables) for each hogan template. The contexts object should have keys that are the names of the files without extension or path. So /assets/html/footer.html would have a footer property in the contexts object. The values of the footer property are provided to the footer.html when it is compiled. By default, a pageName property is added to all contexts and it equals the name of the page being compiled, ex: footer. Also added by default is a boolean property, set to true, that equals the file name minus and extension and folder path. So for a /assets/html/footer.html file, a footer:true is added to the footer context object.

Example Config

The following is a snippet of the configuration from the Mimosa web site build.

globals: {
  version: "3.0.0"
contexts: {
  about: {
    title:"FAQ/Tips - Mimosa",
    desc:"Common questions and issues.",
    header:"FAQ & Mimosa Tips",
    lead:"Questions answered & tricks discussed"
  commands: {
    title:"Commands - Mimosa",
    desc:"At the command line is where Mimosa's magic happens.",
    lead:"Interact with your project via the command line"
  • Note that partials above is a folder.
  • Note that version is passed in as a global property so that every page has access to it.
  • The contexts config assumes there is a file named about.html and a file named commands.html


A Mimosa module that can turn hogan templates into HTML during mimosa watch/build






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