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Mimosa module for copying files into the project before building starts
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This is a Mimosa module for copying files from somewhere on the file system into your project as the first step of a build/watch. This allows, among other things, files from other projects to merge with files from the project using this module, giving the function of a single codebase.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see


Add 'import-source' to your list of modules. That's all! Mimosa will install the module for you when you start up.


When Mimosa starts up, and before it begins handling your code during the initial startup build, this module will copy files from other places on the file system into your codebase.

After Mimosa is started, this module will continue watching the files at their original locations and copy them in as they change.

If you attempt to modify a file that has been copied, rather than update the original file, the module will warn you that you may lose your edits.

Default Config

  usePolling: true
  interval: 500
  binaryInterval: 1000
  • usePolling: Whether to use file system polling. Leave this true on *nix systems, Windows users may want to turn this off for large codebases if CPU usage is high
  • interval: Interval of file system polling (if using polling). Use this if your CPU starts churning to slow down the file watching for import-source.
  • binaryInterval: Interval of file system polling for binary files (if using polling)
  • copy: Detailed below

Example Config

If this module had a default config placeholder like other Mimosa modules, it would look something like this:

  • copy: an array of source importing configurations
  • from: a string, path of the files you'd like to import into your project. Can be a file, or a folder. If a folder, all the contents of the folder (recursive) will be copied. Path can be relative to the root of the project or absolute.
  • to: a string, location in your project where the folder or file will be copied. Path can be relative to the root of the project or absolute. The path need not exist.
  • exclude: an array of strings and/or regexs. Files from the from location to exclude from moving to the to location. Strings are paths and can be relative to the from, or be absolute. The path need not exist. If you do not provide an exclude, this is used: [/(^[.#]|(?:__|~)$)/] which excludes things like dot files and emacs temp files.
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