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This is a Less compiler for the Mimosa build tool.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see


Add 'less' to your list of modules. That's all! Mimosa will install the module for you when you start mimosa watch or mimosa build.


This module will compile Less files during mimosa watch and mimosa build. It includes source maps by default.

Default Config

less: {
  lib: undefined,
  sourceMap: true,
  plugins: [],
  extensions: ["less"]

lib less node module

You may want to use this module but may not be ready to use the latest version of Less. Using the lib property you can provide a specific version of Less if the one being used by this module isn't to your liking. To provide a specific version, you must have it npm installed into your project and then provide it to lib. For instance: lib: require('less').

sourceMap boolean

A less compiler option to turn on/off source maps. The source maps are automatically inlined when they are present. This module does not support separate file source maps. sourceMap is automatically set to false during mimosa build.

plugins array of less plugins

A less compiler option to add plugins to the render flow. For example, you may wish to use advanced color functions with less by using the less-plugin-advanced-color-functions plugin. You'll need to instantiate the plugin in your mimosa config and pass the reference into this array.

extensions array of strings

The extensions of your Less files.

Example Config

var LessPluginAdvancedColorFunctions = require('less-plugin-advanced-color-functions');
var AdvancedColorFunctions = new LessPluginAdvancedColorFunctions();


  extensions: ["less"]
  plugins: [AdvancedColorFunctions]
  • less.plugins allows you to pass in an array of initialized less plugins. In this example we're loading the less-plugin-advanced-color-functions plugin.


A Mimosa 2.0 module for LESS compiling


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