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For more information regarding Mimosa, see


Add 'post-hook' to your list of modules. That's all! Mimosa will install the module for you when you start up.


At the very last step in mimosa watch startup, this module will execute any scripts/commands provided in the commands array.

It will write any output to the console.

Commands are executed in the order they are provided. non-persistent commands will be executed synchronously.

Default Config

  workflowStep: "complete"
  commands: []
  • workflowStep: The postBuild workflow step to execute the commands. Possible workflow steps include: "init", "beforeOptimize", "optimize", "afterOptimize", "beforeServer", "server", "afterServer", "beforePackage", "package", "afterPackage", "beforeInstall", "install", "afterInstall", "complete". Use this to move the commands to a different part of the workflow, if you need something to be executed during a different step.
  • commands: a list of objects to configure commands to be run when the mimosa watch startup process ends.

Example Config

  workflowStep: "init"
  commands: [{
    command: "./"
    command: "mongod"
    persistent: true
    callbackOn: "waiting for connections on port 27017"
  • persistent: Whether or not the command results in something that stays running. Defaults to false. If it stays running, it cannot be reliably be executed synchronously. If 10 commands need to be executed and they are all not persistent, then they will all be executed synchronously.
  • command: a string, required, the command to be executed
  • callbackOn: a number or a string. Only valid when persistent is true. Because a persistent command never ends, post-hook does not know when to move on to the next command or when to hand control back over to mimosa to continue executing its workflows. If callbackOn is not provided when persistent: true, then post-hook continues immediately. If a number is provided, then post-hook continues after that number of milliseconds. If a string is provided, then post-hook continues after that string occurs in the stdout. The example above will start mongod, and then when the string "waiting for connections on port 27017" appears in the stdout, post-hook will continue.


A mimosa module to allow for execution of scripts/commands after 'mimosa watch' starts up.



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