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This is a Mimosa module for wrapping browser code written in CommonJS with requirejs' simplified CommonJS wrapper. This is an external module and does not come by default with Mimosa.

This module provides CommonJS support via RequireJS and AMD. So if you are a fan of writing your modules in the CommonJS style, but want to use AMD in the browser and take advantage of all that RequireJS' configuration allows you, like, among other things, creating module path shortcuts and aliases, then this is the module for you.

Stated differently, this module allows you to write your AMD/RequireJS application using CommonJS.

Because this module still leverages AMD/RequireJS, when you write your browser code in CommonJS, you will still take advantage of all of the functionality provided by the mimosa-require module, like path verification, and circular dependency checking and on-the-fly optimization if your entire application.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see


Add 'require-commonjs' to your list of modules. That's all! Mimosa will install the module for you when you start up.

If you are using "use strict" in your code, and you are using the mimosa-lint module, you'll want to make sure that in your list of modules, require-commonjs comes before lint. If it comes after mimosa-lint, then mimosa-lint may complain about certain objects not being available that are provided by the require-commonjs module.


The 'require-commonjs' module will wrap your JavaScript code with the simplified CommonJS wrapper that RequireJS provides. This turns your CommonJS file into an AMD module.

The module performs this wrapping during the afterCompile step of the buildFile, add and update Mimosa workflows. Which simply means whenever JavaScript is compiled or copied, post-compilation the wrapper is applied. For JavaScript the wrapper is added to the raw JavaScript code before it is written, and for something like CoffeeScript, it is added to the compiled JavaScript.

The module will not wrap files that it determines are already wrapped in a define block. It will also not wrap files that match the requireCommonjs.exclude regexes. See config below.

Default Config

  exclude:[/[/\\]vendor[/\\]/, /[/\\]main[\.-]/]
  • exclude: an array of regexes and/or strings. List of regexes or strings to match files that should be excluded from wrapping in requirejs' commonjs wrapper. String paths can be absolute or relative to the watch.javascriptDir. Regexes are applied to the entire path. By default anything in a vendor folder and anything that begins with 'main.' or 'main-' are excluded as presumably those are already wrapped or are main requirejs config files and should not be wrapped in a commonjs wrapper.


The AngularFunMimosaCommonJS project is a working example of a project that uses Mimosa and CommonJS. Check it out. Hopefully it'll answer any questions you have.


CommonJS support for Mimosa via AMD/RequireJS






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