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This is a Stylus compiler for the Mimosa build tool. This module is for use with Mimosa 2.0+. This replicates the functionality of the Stylus compiler that was built into Mimosa before 2.0.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see


Add 'stylus' to your list of modules. That's all! Mimosa will install the module for you when you start mimosa watch or mimosa build.


This module will compile Stylus files during mimosa watch and mimosa build and includes compilation with nib.

Mimosa core does a little bit of extra work with Stylus. Mimosa takes care not to compile files that do not need it. If Stylus gets included back through a single base Stylus file, changing a file deep down the tree of includes will only trigger a compile of that single base file and not the changed file. Similarly if there are multiple base files, changing a file included in two places will trigger the recompile of those two files.

Default Config

stylus: {
  lib: undefined,
  extensions: ["styl"],
  sourceMap: true
  • lib: You may want to use this module but may not be ready to use the latest version of Stylus. Using the lib property you can provide a specific version of Stylus if the one being used by this module isn't to your liking. To provide a specific version, you must have it npm installed into your project and then provide it to lib. For instance: lib: require('stylus').
  • extensions: an array of strings, the extensions of your CoffeeScript files.
  • use: an array of strings, a means for plugins to be included in Stylus compilation.
  • import: an array of strings, import resources at compile time rather than in your stylesheet.
  • define: an object, define variables programmtically instead of in your stylesheet.
  • includes: an array of paths to include for all compile
  • sourceMap: whether or not to include inline source maps. sourceMap is automatically set to false for mimosa build as it is assumed to not be a dev time command.

See the Stylus docs for more information on the options (use, import, define, includes) for passing information to the Stylus compiler.


A Mimosa 2.0 module for Stylus compiling


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