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This a mimosa module that will import GitHub dependencies using the Volo tool. It also serves as an example for how to create Mimosa modules that enrich Mimosa with extra commands.

Valid with Mimosa version 0.7.2 and above.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see http://mimosa.io


Install mimosa-volo using mimosa mod:install mimosa-volo. Once it is installed, the mimosa-volo module adds an import command that exposes the module functionality.


The import command will use Voloto import dependencies. Mimosa will first ask where to place the dependency, then it will use Volo to go fetch it from GitHub. Whenever possible, Volo tries to get AMD versions of files so they do not need to be wrapped. See the Volo documentation for more details.

$ mimosa import jquery

The only Volo option exposed by Mimosa at this time is the ability to turn on and off whether to look for AMD or non-AMD libraries. AMD is the default. If you wish a non-AMD version of a library, provide a --noamd flag.

$ mimosa import backbone --noamd

If you are a big Volo fan, and would like to see more functionality exposed via this module, just ask!