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This is a Mimosa module for packaging web applications. It assumes that the mimosa-server module is also being used.


Add web-package as a string to your list of modules in the mimosa-config. When Mimosa starts up, it will install the module for you.


If you are running mimosa build with the --package flag, mimosa-web-package will:

  • Remove the directory at webPackage.outPath if it already exists
  • Copy your entire project to the webPackage.outPath folder, omitting anything you have listed in webPackage.exclude
  • Re-write the package.json to not include any mimosa packages in the package.json depedencies array.
  • Write the parts of the fully-resolved and blown out mimosa-config that pertain to the server to the webPackage.outPath as config.js. Will set some config values, like live reload to production level settings. Will also turn normally absolute mimosa-config paths relative. To accommodate app hosting solutions like Heroku, config.js also re-figures the location of public assets.
  • Write a simple app.js file to webPackage.outPath. app.js exists to be a starting point for your app when Mimosa is not available to invoke your server. It simply reads the config, and calls your server.startServer method passing the config.
  • runs NPM install from inside the webpackage.outPath. The --production flag is used to avoid installing any packages in your package.json devDependencies. If your production app actually depends on any packages listed there, they should really be in dependencies.
  • By default a .tar.gz will be created for your packaged application. If archiveName is set to a .zip file, a .zip file will be created instead.

What you get as a result is an application that runs without Mimosa's aid by simply executing node app.js, as well as an archive file (.tar.gz/.zip) of the codebase.

If tar/zip isn't available as a command line utility on your system, no tar/zip file will be created.

If your application is using Mimosa's default server rather than a server of your own, web-package will not write an app.js and will not execute npm install.

Default Config

  archiveName: "app"
  configName: "config"
  useEntireConfig: false
  outPath: "dist"
  exclude: ["","node_modules","","mimosa-config.js","assets",".git",".gitignore","",".mimosa","bower.json"]
  appjs: "app.js"
  • archiveName: a string, the name of the output .tar.gz/.zip file. No archive will be created if archiveName is set to null. A .zip will only be created if the archiveName ends in .zip. Otherwise a tar file is assumed. The following rules only apply to .tars. If the default is changed away from app, web-package will use the changed config setting. If the default is left alone, web-package will check the for a name property in the package.json, and if it exists, it will be used. If the default is left as app, and there is no property, the default is used.
  • configName: a string, the name of output configuration file without extension; it is also acceptable to define a subdirectory, although the subdirectory must exist and the path separator character ('/' or '') must be at the beginning (e.g. "config/settings"). The relevant portions of the mimosa-config are written to the outPath directory as configName + '.js'
  • useEntireConfig: a boolean, this module pulls out specific pieces of the mimosa-config that apply to what you may need with a packaged application. For instance, it does not include a coffeescript config, or a jshint config. If you want it to include the entire resolved mimosa-config flip this flag to true.
  • outPath: a string, the folder where mimosa-web-package will place your packaged app. Can be either relative to the root of your project or absolute.
  • exclude: an array, files, relative to the root of the project, to not include in the package. If it isn't listed in this array, it will be included in the package.
  • appjs: name of the output app.js file which bootstraps the application, when set to null, web-package will not output a bootstrap file


Web App Packaging Module for Mimosa



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