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Is there a Caps game?
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Is there a Caps game?

What's it all about?

Simple: you want to know if there's a Washington Capitals game, so you visit this app. It tells you.

What a great idea!

Yup, I only wish it were mine. I took this idea wholesale from Mark Paschal and his Is there a Giants game?

Tell us how to use the app, please

No problem. If you visit the site, you get an answer to the $64,000 question, "Is there a Caps game today?" If you want to know about other days, that's easy too. Visit /tomorrow to find out if there's a game tomorrow. (You can also check today more explicitly at /today).

If you want to get fancier, you can check whether there's a game on a specific day of the current week. Just enter visit /dayname. Note that this check always looks forward. So if it's Friday, and you check /friday, the app will check if there's a game next Friday.

Finally, you can get even fancier and see if there's a game on a specific date. Just enter the date you want to check in YYYYMMDD format. Example /20110920.

I can haz API?

Yes, soon, I promise. It will be a simple JSON response, so it shouldn't take very long.


tl;dr MIT license. Do what you like with it.

See LICENSE for details.

How do I complain or make a suggestion?

Post an issue. If you don't have a Github account and you're a geek, you should get one. If you're a Caps fan and not a geek, just let me know on Twitter.

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