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dbbolton's scripts

This repository is an eclectic collection of scripts that typically populate
my ~/bin. Most are written in Perl, but there are some Shell and Vim scripts
in the mix as well (I try to make a point to include file extensions for
those who care what they are).

  • avoids pitfalls in running aptitude through su -c.

  • generates a shell script to duplicate a Debian system

  • decides which CPU governor and implements it based on power

  • provides several functions for displaying system info
    in the dwm "status bar"; add this script to your
    ~/.xinitrc before dwm.

  • sensibly renames files with problematic characters.

  • is an example of obfuscated perl code. Doesn't work.

  • shows your interface's IP address and your external address.

  • saves typing durning the kernel build process.

  • helps in generating Wiktionary entries for first declension
    Latin adjectives.

  • eases my rsync procedure.

  • offers choice of available versions and automates
    installation of nvidia Xorg drivers from the Debian repos; also offers
    choice of available Nvidia binary installers and can store default args.

  • calculates percent error.

  • acts as a command-line calculator; uses eval, and only includes a really basic safety net.

  • is another example of obfuscated Perl. It probably doesn't
    work; I haven't tried it.

  • see

  • calculates standard deviation from user input.

  • provides easy access to system information like active
    memory, battery charge, CPU temperature, etc.

  • is useful as a custom action in Thunar for opening
    different types of files in their respective editors based on file

  • tidy-diff.vim is a simple Vim script that runs perltidy on the
    current file, splits the current window in diff mode, and highlights the
    differences between your file and perltidy's output. Run :diffoff to exit
    diff mode.

  • is a theme switcher for tint2; assumes you have all
    theme files is one directory ( easily configurable ).

  • is a shell script that replaces URxvt's joke of
    an icon with a more recognizable terminal icon from the Oxygen theme ( you
    could easily modify this to Gnome/Tango or something else ); requires
    convert from imagemagick.

  • allows you to switch easily between two frequently used
    wireless networks if you configure your connection through interfaces(5).

  • swaps pre-defined Xdefaults themes.

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