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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use 5.010;
use File::Basename;
use File::Copy;
## The purpose of this script is to fix a conflict that occurs on Debian
## systems where the proprietary Nvidia driver has been installed with
## Nvidia's installer. See also:
# Options
my $backup_ext = ".orig";
# Don't change these unless you know what you're doing
my $prefix = "/usr";
my $lib = "$prefix/lib";
my $link_name = "";
my $nv_name = "";
# If you just want to print what the script would do, set this to 1
# Otherwise, set it to 0 and run as root.
my $simulate = 1;
my $choice;
my @files;
say "Searching for available versions of libOpenCL...";
for (<$lib/$nv_name*>) {
if (/$nv_name.([\d\.])+$/) {
push @files, $_;
say "Found version '" . basename $_ . "'";
say "\n\tNote: version '1' is typically a symlink to the last-installed\n\tversion that is created by Nvidia's installer.";
# The globbed array should be lexographical, but just to be sure:
my @sorted = sort @files;
# Pick the latest version.
# (If you want to set a static version, set $choice manually.)
$choice = $sorted[-1];
print "\nUsing '$choice' as\n";
if ( $simulate ) {
say "\nSimulated action:";
say "\nmv $lib/$link_name $lib/${link_name}${backup_ext}";
say "ln -s $choice $lib/$link_name";
else {
# Now create the proper link:
say "\nRestoring symlink (requires root permissions)";
move "$lib/$link_name", "$lib/${link_name}${backup_ext}";
symlink "$choice", "$lib/$link_name";