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t2t - tint2 theme switcher


Interactive mode (choose a theme from a list):

% t2t

Interactive mode + overwrite default config with chosen theme:

% t2t -w


  • -h --help print this help text and exit
  • -v --version print version information
  • -w --write write the chosen config to $HOME/.config/tint2/tint2rc
  • [FILE] launch tint2 -c FILE

If FILE is specified as an argument, it must be a full path or the name of a file in the current directory ($PWD).

If -w/--write and FILE are both given ar arguments, -w/--write must be given first.

If no options are given, tint2theme will try to find all config files in $path (default:$HOME/.config/tint2) and ask the user to choose a config file. Then, tint2 -c FILE is launched.

This program does not move or overwrite $HOME/.config/tint2/tint2rc by default. If the -w/--write option is given, tint2rc will be backed up and the chosen theme will be copied to tint2rc. The backup file will be called 'tint2rc_NUMBER' where NUMBER is the Unix time when this program was called ( see '%s' in man date ).

Direct all issues/requests to NOT the tint2 developers.