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Zeshin is a tool to help you manage your important configuration on different machines using git. It is named after the Japanese painter. I designed it for use with zsh, but it can easily be used to handle any arbitrary list of files.


The easiest way to get the script is one of the following:

curl -LO

If you have neither curl nor wget, you can simply use a browser.


You must have an active Github account and a valid ~/.gitconfig. The original script was written with zsh as the interpreter, but I rewrote it to be POSIX-compliant (see Note that this version has only been tested on Debian (i.e. dash).


First, download the script and add it to your $PATH. Then check the files variable at the beginning of the script to make sure everything you want to track is there, and run zeshin init to create a Github repo called myzeshin.

On another machine, just run zeshin dl and your configs are ready.

If you've edited your files and want to upload them to Github, run zeshin ul.


Copyright 2012, Daniel Bolton. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License.