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Official Installation of mssql-cli

Follow the instructions link for your platform for the official instructions.

Supported Platform How to Install
Windows (x64) Instructions
Windows (x86) Instructions
macOS 10.12+ Instructions
Ubuntu 17.04 Instructions
Ubuntu 16.04 Instructions
Ubuntu 14.04 Instructions
Debian 8.7+ Instructions
Debian 9 Instructions
CentOS 7 Instructions
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Instructions
OpenSUSE 42.2+ Instructions
SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLES) 12 Instructions
Fedora 25 Instructions
Fedora 26 Instructions

Direct Downloads

The instructions above are the preferred installation method. Direct downloads are provided as an alternative in the scenario that your machine may not have access to the Microsoft package repository. Instructions for direct downloads can also be found in the links above.

Supported Platform Latest Stable Latest dev
Windows (x64) .whl .whl
Windows (x86) .whl .whl
macOS 10.12+ .whl .whl
Ubuntu 17.04 .deb .deb
Ubuntu 16.04 .deb .deb
Ubuntu 14.04 .deb .deb
Debian 8.7+ .deb .deb
Debian 9 .deb .deb
CentOS 7 .rpm .rpm
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 .rpm .rpm
OpenSUSE 42.2+ .rpm .rpm
SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLES) 12 .rpm .rpm
Fedora 25 .rpm .rpm
Fedora 26 .rpm .rpm