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  • We proposed “” extensions for biological database entries to W3C at the end of last year.
    • They are meta-data, which are supposed to be buried in the HTML code of DB entries and to be retrieved by search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, to make snippets in search results more valuable.
Rich snippets to enrich search results


Daily Log


  • About taxonomy
    • Current NCBI taxonomy may not be sufficient to describe "species". For example, in toxicology fields, they use genetically controlled rat. How to specify them in the extensions? (YI)
    • If we decide to use the candidate 1-2 in the W3C Wiki page, users will be able to choose their favorite taxonomy DBs. (MM)
  • About "seeAlso" and "relatedLink" property



  • Mizuki MORITA (Tokyo Univ)
  • Maori ITO (NIBIO)
  • Yoshi IGARASHI (NIBIO) [did not participate in the BH12]
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