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## Contribution: help the Beaver!
Hooray, we have reached 7k of stars on GitHub and continue to grow!
Hooray, we have reached 10k of stars on GitHub and continue to grow!
That's really cool, we are glad that you like DBeaver.
- We are actively looking for new source code contributors. We have added labels “Good first issue” and “Help wanted” to some tickets. If you want to be a part of our development team just be brave and take a ticket.
- You can buy <a href="">DBeaver EE</a> version. It includes all features of CE + NoSQL databases support + EE extensions + official online support. Also, licensed users have priorities in bug fixes and new features development.
Save wild animals :) Thank you!
Thank you!
- <a href="">DBeaver Team</a> (contributors)
- <a href="">Serge Rider</a> (author and maintainer)

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