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Have you read DBeaver's Code of Conduct?
By filing an Issue, you are expected to comply with it, including treating everyone with respect:
Read contribution guide before submitting ticket:
Here you can submit:
You can submit:
- Question
- Feature request
- Bug report
You can use this template (recommended) or you can just delete it and type new ticket from scratch.
### Description
[Description of the issue]
<!-- For bug reports please fill as much as possible from below:
### Steps to Reproduce
1. [First Step]
2. [Second Step]
3. [and so on...]
**Expected behavior:** [What you expect to happen]
**Actual behavior:** [What actually happens]
**Reproduces how often:** [What percentage of the time does it reproduce?]
### Environment and versions
Please provide information about
- DBeaver version
- OS version
- If your ticket is database-specific:
- Your database server name and version
- Your client driver name and version
### Additional Information
Any additional information, configuration or data that might be necessary to reproduce the issue.
Debug log file is very-very useful for us. It lets us to understand nature of the bug or misbehavior.
How to get debug/error log:

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