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@serge-rider serge-rider released this 04 Jun 19:54
            - SQL Editor:
                - Autocomplete now supports [ ] and ` as quotes for identifiers
                - Shortcut confict on macOS was fixed
                - JSQLParser was reverted to the version 4.5 and is now faster
                - Issue with substitution variables in text with \n line feeds was fixed
                - Autocomplete case with FROM right after SELECT is now handled
                - Autocomplete for SELECT query without FROM was fixed
                - 'Go to Matching Bracket' shortcut was changed to CTRL+SHIFT+[
                - Autocomplete for columns in tables without alias was fixed
                - Completion analyze errors are now written to the debug log
                - Comment with a tab after a double dash is now handle
                - Issue with hiding cursor position after resizing the editor was fixed
                - Exeption when updating editor annotations was fixed
            - Data Editor:
                - Data ordering was improved
            - General UI:
                - Changing the size and position of the connection dialog is now saved
                - Issue with the application freezing when creating a table when the connection hangs was fixed
                - Tips of the day were revised
            - Connectivity:
                - Option to disable SSHJ hostname verification was added (thanks to @ryanc-me)
                - Issue when switching from Community to PRO version and vice versa was fixed
            - Databases:
                - ClickHouse: display of large numbers was fixed
                - MariaDB: partition support was added
                - Oracle:
                    - Issue issue with native clients hanging when running SQLPlus scripts was fixed
                    - Issue with setting the wrong schema after connecting or changing the Data Editor was fixed
                - PostgreSQL:
                    - Issue with an exception when loading attribute information was fixed
                    - Reading a numeric array was fixed
                - Trino: error handling was improved
             - Localization:
                - German localization was improved (thanks to @hype11)
                - Italian localization was improved (thanks to @Gnafu)
             - Misc:
                - Images for all DBeaver Eclipse extensions were added
                - Legacy ODBC driver based on the obsolete Java 7 was deprecated due to many issues